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Pneumatic Tire Warranty Policy

Limited Warranty:

IMSupply warrants subject to the terms, conditions, and limitation stated herein, its products to be free of irregularities in material and workmanship. Maximum liability shall be limited to the replacement of a new IMSupply tire of the same size and type.

Warranty Terms & Conditions:

  • Applies for two years from date of purchase.
  • Does not cover the mounting, installation, cost, and labor.
  • Warranty is void when the tire is worn past 4/32 of tread depth for OTR sizes and 2/32 for others. 

*Tread depth measured from the center of the tire*

  • Warranty adjustment is prorated based on the remaining usable tread.
  • Unless special terms are negotiated, all defective tire(s) must be kept and inspected by IMSupply prior to disposal.

Warranty does not apply to:

  • Over loading
  • Under inflation
  • Improper mounting
  • Mounting to incorrect rim
  • Intentional abuse, chemical contamination, modified, patched, plugged, or repaired by means of liquid balancer or sealant
  • Blemished tires with cosmetic defects
  • Tires without brand and/or serial number
  • Road hazard
  • Tire(s) sold “As is” or used